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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Dial *99# for Mobile Banking Services

Dial *99# for Mobile Banking Services : Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement & Fund Transfer through IMPS

I can give missed call to my Bank’s Toll-Free number to check my Bank balance or receive last few transactions details,
but it would be more convenient if I am able to perform other banking related services through Mobile banking. Is this possible?
Yes it is possible. Dial *99# from your mobile handset and access your bank account details. No internet is required. The service works across all GSM service providers and handsets. As of now, 51 banks are offering this Mobile Banking service.

What is *99#?

*99# is a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based mobile banking service from NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) that brings together Banks & TSPs (Telecom Service Providers). Using *99# service, you as a bank customer can access mobile banking services by dialing *99# from your mobile that is registered with the bank.
The main features or benefits of this service are;
  • You can access your bank account without enabling internet service. This service uses voice connectivity.
  • *99# is the common service code across all telecom service providers.
  • No additional charges if you use this service while roaming. But Rs 1.50 (per session) will be deducted from your mobile account balance for using this service.
  • This service works on all GSM providers and mobile handsets.
  • You can use this service any-time and any-where (round-the-clock).
  • There is no need to install any APP on your mobile handset to use this mobile banking service.
  • Fund transfer request can be initiated 24/7 (round the clock)using the *99# service including on holidays. The Funds remitted using the *99# service can be received by the beneficiary 24/7 .

Mobile Banking services available under *99# ?

As of now, you can perform the  following Financial, Non-financial and Value Added Services (VAS) through *99# service;
  • Financial Services – Fund Transfers
  • Non-Financial Services
    • Bank Account Balance Enquiry
    • Mini Statement
    • Generate OTP (One Time Password)
    • Generate MPIN (Mobile banking Personal Identification Number)
  • Value Added Service – Dial *99# to check if your Bank account is linked to your Aadhaar number or not.

How to access Mobile Banking Services?

The pre-requisite to use *99# service is that your mobile number should have been registered with your bank(s) for the mobile banking services. If you are already using mobile banking, you will be able to use this service without any additional registration by dialing *99# from your GSM mobile handset.
If you have not registered for mobile banking service, you will have to contact your respective bank(s) for mobile banking registration.
Below is the procedure to check your bank account balance, receive mini statement on mobile, to do Fund transfer, to generate OTP etc.,mobile banking services-dial-99-bank-account-balance-fund-transfer-mpin-otp-mini-statement-sbi-icici
  • Dial *99# from your mobile handset
  • You will receive a welcome message from NUUP (NUUP- National Unified USSD Payments). Click OK.
  • Enter either 3 letters of your Bank Short name (or) first 4 letters of your Bank’s IFSC Code (or) 2 digit Direct Code. For example – Short name for SBI is SBI, First 4 letters of IFSC code is SBIN and the 2 digit direct code for SBI Bank is ’41’ (you can Dial *99*41# directly to access your SBI account).
  • You can select respective options for Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Fund Transfer, Generate MPIN etc.,

How to do Fund Transfer by dialing *99#?

You can transfer funds to your beneficiary account in three different ways using *99# service. The funds will be transferred through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). Kindly note that the funds will be credited to the beneficiary account instantly. The maximum limit of fund transfer per customer is Rs.5000 per day. (NPCI charges 25 Paise per fund transfer from the remitter bank. Kindly check with your banker about IMPS charges, if any.)
  • MMID based :
    • Kindly follow the above procedure and select the option ”Fund transfer using MMID’ (Mobile Money Identifier).
    • You have to enter the mobile number (10 digit) of the beneficiary, his/her MMID (7 digit), amount and remarks. (One can call his/her bank to know the MMID that has been allotted to him.)
    • Enter your MPIN to authenticate this
  • IFSC Code & Bank Account Mode :
    • You have to select the option ‘Fund transfer using IFSC code’.
    • Enter Beneficiary Account Number, IFS Code (11 digit), Amount and Remarks(Optional).
    • Key-in your MPIN to authorize the
  • Aadhaar number based :
    • You have to select the option ‘Fund Transfer using beneficiary Aadhaar number’.
    • Enter Beneficiary Aadhaar Number.
    • Enter your MPIN to authenticate this transaction.
    • The beneficiary will then receive the amount to the bank account which is linked to his Aadhaar

List of Banks offering *99# service

Kindly click on the below image to download the list of banks offering *99# service. As of now, 51 banks are offering this service. (The banks’ short codes, first 4 letters of IFSC Codes and Direct codes have also been provided.)

List of Telecom Service Providers offering *99# service


List of Languages supported with Multilingual service codes

Using *99# service through your mobile handset is very easy and convenient. But, do not share your MPIN used for fund transfers with anyone. Else, it can be misused.
Also, note that there is an option to change/generate MPIN in the list of services offered by *99# service. Once can easily generate new MPIN if they have access to your Debit Card. If you lose your mobile, report this to your bank and deactivate mobile banking services immediately.

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