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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Download Huawei Stock ROMs

Download Huawei Stock ROMs

All the stock ROM’s we have given below are provided by Huawei officially. So, don’t worry about the authenticity of these Stock ROMs. Download the one based on your device’s model number, install it and enjoy the stock Android experience

Download Huawei Stock ROM For All Models:

Huawei DeviceDownload Link
Huawei Mate SDownload
Huawei P9Download
Huawei Y3 LiteDownload
Huawei GR3Download
Huawei GR5Download
Huawei Y6Download
Huawei 4CDownload
Huawei P8Download
Huawei P8 LiteDownload
Huawei Y5Download
Huawei Y3CDownload
Huawei T1-701UDownload
Huawei MediaPad T1 10.0Download
Huawei Honor 4XDownload
Huawei Y625-u32Download
Huawei G7-L01Download
Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0Download
Huawei 3C LiteDownload
Huawei Y511-U30Download
Huawei G610-U20Download
Huawei Mate 7Download
Huawei H30-U10Download
Huawei Y220-U10Download
Huawei Y221-U22Download
Huawei H30-U10Download
Huawei G750-U10Download
Huawei G700-U10Download
Huawei S10-231UDownload
Huawei S8-301LDownload
Huawei S7-721UDownload
Huawei Y250-U22Download
Huawei Y600-U20Download
Huawei Y221-U22Download
Huawei P6-U06Download
Huawei Honor 3CDownload
Huawei G630-U10Download
Huawei G6-U10Download
Huawei 7D-501UDownload
Huawei P7Download
Huawei Y330-U11Download
Huawei G700-U10Download

Huawei ascend mate7 mt7 l09 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g620s ul00 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend y201 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend y200 – Stock Rom

Huawei ascend y100 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend p1 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend mate – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g630 u251 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g630 u20 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g630 u10 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g600 – Stock Rom

Huawei ascend g6 u10 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g525 u00 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g330 – Stock Rom

Huawei ascend g510 0200 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g300 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend d1 lte – Stock Rom

Huawei u1290 – Stock Rom
Huawei u8800 – Stock Rom
Huawei u8510 – Stock Rom
Huawei u8300 – Stock Rom
Huawei u8100 – Stock Rom
Huawei honor cherry l04 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g750 u10 – Stock Rom
Huawei g730 u10 – Stock Rom

Huawei g730 u30 – Stock Rom
Huawei g730 u00 – Stock Rom
Huawei g730 t00 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend y635 cl00 – Stock Rom

Huawei p8 young ale ul00 – Stock Rom
Huawei g621 tl00 – Stock Rom
Huawei c8818 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g615 u10 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend p6 – Stock Rom

Huawei ascend p7 l10 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend y210 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend y220 – Stock Rom
Huawei honor holly u19 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g700 u10 – Stock Rom
Huawei ascend g700 t00 – Stock Rom
Huawei honor holly 2 Plus – Stock Rom

1) All the stock ROMs which we have given above are provided officially by Mobiles. If you encounter any issues with these stock ROMs while trying to flash them, contact   Mobile support.
2) If you would want to connect your Spice android devices to the computer, download Spice USB drivers and install it in your computer.

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