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Sunday, 28 May 2017

What is Mobile Shorting ? - Hindi / English

What is Mobile Shorting ? - Hindi / English 

मोबाइल PCB कई Layer से बनी होती है सारे पार्टसो के कनेक्शन ट्रैक आपस में जुड़े होते है लेकिन हम उसे नही देख सकते है इसलिये कौनसा ट्रैक कहाँ से कहाँ तक जुड़ा है यह चैक करने के लिये हम मल्टीमीटर का उपयोग करते है।

अगर दो पार्टसो का आपस का ट्रैक टुट जाता है तो हम जम्पर वायर से दोनो पार्टसो का ट्रैक फिर से जोड़ देते हैलेकिन मोबाइल प्लेट शोर्ट में किसी एक पार्टस का ट्रैक अन्य पार्टस के ट्रैक से परस्पर आपस में टच होने से प्लेट शोर्ट हो जाती है

Reasons for shorting in circuit boar of mobile phones:
  1. The most common reason is phone drenched or fallen in water.
  2. Handset overheating.
  3. Trying to use an incompatible or faulty charger for charging
  4. Sparks or smoke coming out of the handset due to any reason.

To repair a short cell phone, you will have to first remove its shorting to fix it. You have to follow the procedure to remove it especially in dead handsets.

  • Components burn due to the connectors in the water such as - Capacitors 

  • Shortcuts due to heating - due to longer charging. Reasons to Play More Heavy Games Rooting mobile (can be hard brick). 

How to Check Shorting on Mobile Phone 

Step - 1 
Set Multimeter on Beep Range 

Step -2 

Touch Both probe ( Red & Black ) with Battery Connector positive & Negetive terminal.

Step -3

If one side reading ( VBAT - 250ohms to 600 ohms ) & resver side is showing open (1) means there is no shorting on mobile phone. 

Step -4

If both side get reading than its mean Mobile is half Short.

Step -5 

If both side get beep sound than its mean Mobile is Full Short.

Mobile Shorting Check by Digital Multimeter 

    How to Remove Shorting on Mobile Phone 

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