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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Resetting HTC Desire 820 (Hard reset)

Resetting All HTC Desire  (Hard reset)

If HTC Desire 820 has a persistent problem that cannot be solved, you can perform a factory reset (also called a hard reset or master reset). A factory reset reverts the phone back to its initial state — the state before you turned on the phone for the first time.

The following will be removed from the phone when you do a factory reset:

  • ·        Your Google Account
  • ·        All accounts you've added in Settings > Accounts & sync and the data associated with these accounts
  • ·        Personal data that you've created or synced to the phone such as your profile, contacts, messages, email, calendar events, and more
  • ·        System and application data and settings
  • ·        Downloaded apps
  • ·        Files such as your music, photos, videos, and documents can also be deleted from the storage, if you chose to do so.
  • ·        Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset.

Note: A factory reset may not permanently erase all data from your phone, including personal information.

Performing a factory reset from settings

  • ·        Go to Settings, and then tap Backup & reset.
  • ·        Tap Reset phone.
  • ·        If you want to delete media, documents, and other data from the phone storage, select Erase all data.
  • ·        To also delete media and other data from your storage card, selectErase SD card.
  • ·        Tap OK.

Performing a factory reset using hardware buttons

First method:

  1. In order to switch off your device press the Power key for a short while
  • ·        Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button.

Finally, hold down the Volume Down to select option "Factory reset", and press the Power button to confirm.

  1. Well done! The hard reset is done!

Third method:

    • At the very beginning hold down the Power rocker for a few seconds until the phone is turned off
    •     Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press and hold the POWER button.

    • Afterwards use the Volume keys to select option "Recovery", and press Power button to confirm.

    • Next select from Recovery Mode menu "wipe data / factory reset" using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.

    • In the next step choose "Yes -- delete all user data" to confirm the whole operation
    • After that select option "reboot system now".

    • Well done! The hard reset has just been performed.

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