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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Smart Mobile Phone Repair

Smart Mobile Phone Repair  

Smartphone repairing business is flourishing in the same speed as the smartphone market. With more and more people now using smartphones like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, China made Smartphone etc
For someone who want to do simple DIY (Do it Yourself) repairing, online videos and tutorials or Guides in PDF format is enough. But for people who are looking for deep knowledge on smartphone repairing from business point of view, it is important to learn few of the basic theory and the do some practical training

The Basics of Smart Mobile Phone Repair  

  • Assembling & disassembling of different types of smartphones.
  • Knowledge of different parts of smartphone and their function.
  • How to use Mobile Hardware & Software Tool

Understanding Hardware of Smart Mobile Phone 

  • Understanding of Circuit Board / Motherboard / Logic Board.
  • How to check faulty parts and how to replace them.
  • Fault finding & troubleshooting

Understanding Software of Smartphone

  • Proper understanding of smartphone operating system including Android and iOS.
  • Understanding types of software faults.
  • Flashing smartphones.
  • Upgrading operating system.
  • Unlocking of handsets through codes and software.

Tools to Repair Smartphone

Before you start repairing any smartphone, it is important to have the right tools and took kit. Modern smartphones are very delicate and sensitive to ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). Hence it is important to have the right and ESD-Safe tools.

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