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Thursday, 29 June 2017

SMD Coil Type - English

SMD Coil Type - English 

What is SMD Coil 
how to Check SMD Coil by Digital Multimeter
how to Check SMD Boost COil by Digital Multimeter

Boost Coil

This is big size of SMD Coil. Its look like a Button.The working of Boost Coil is provide current to display light. Boost coil increase current from 4v to 30V.

If Boost Coil is  damage than display light is not working. First change new boost coil or make a jumper.

Boost Coil on Mobile Phone PCB 

Boost Coil Testing by Digital Multimeter 
 how to Check SMD Coil by Digital Multimeter

How to identify Boost Coil  | watch Video  | 

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