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Friday, 9 June 2017

What Is A Resistor And What Does It Do?

What Is A Resistor And What Does It Do?

A device used in electrical current conduction to control the direction of the current flowing to a circuit by applying resistance. Resistors may be fixed or variable, both controlling the flow of current differently.
A resistor is nothing magic. Take a long wire and measure the resistance, and you will realize that resistance is just a normal property of wires (except for superconductors).

Resistor Showing by "R" 

Simple  Resistor Symbol 

resistor symbol - IEEE  resistor symbol

Resistor Image

Overview of types and materials
Resistors can be divided in construction type as well as resistance material. The following breakdown for the type can be made:
  • Fixed resistors
  • Variable resistors, such as the:
o    Potentiometer
o    Rheostat
o    Trimpot

For each of these types a standard symbol exists. Another breakdown based on the material and manufacturing process can be made:
  • Carbon composition
  • Carbon film
  • Metal film
  • Metal oxide film
  • Wirewound
  • Foil
How to Check Resistor by Digital Multimeter 
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