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Monday, 10 July 2017

How to flash LYF FLAME File using QPST tool (Qualcomm)

How to flash LYF FLAME File using QPST tool (Qualcomm)

This is is LYF FLAME Stock ROM Updating or Flashing Guide and this post we will know how to flash or update stock ROM of LYF FLAME  by easy and safest method

Before Flashing Your Device,let you know about some risks in Flashing.
  • This Site is not responsible if any thing goes wrong, this is a fully tested method.
  • Mobile battery should be Charge At least 80%.
  • Make a proper power backup of your PC or Laptop.
  • Micro USB Cable for connecting device to PC or Laptop.

Driver installation:
  1. Download (Lyf USB Driver) and install Qualcomm driver exe.
  2. After Installation, Connect phone to PC or Laptop Via USB Cable.
  3. Press Volume up and Down Key and connect USB cable, Release volume keysafter a little vibration.

  1. Check Qualcomm port in device manager section.

Software Update:
1: Download and install QPST tools on your PC.
2: Run QFIL tool. 

3: Click on Browse under the Programmer path to select prog_emmc_firehose_8909_ddr.mbn file from firmware folder.

4- Click on Load XML, select rawprogram_unsparse_without_qcn.xml and then choose Patch0.xml
Load XML comes with two option:
a- rawprogram_unsparse_without_qcn.xml : On choosing this file, data will not be lost.
b- rawprogram_unsparse.xml : Will lose RF Calibration data, IMEI and WiFi/Bluetooth Address.

5 - Next Click on Load XML and select rawprogram_unsparse_without_qcn.xml.

6- then choose Patch0.xml

7- Click on Download to start flashing.

8- Exit and Unplug USB cable after download finish appears.
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