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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi3 Restore Factory

How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi3 Restore Factory

Xiaomi Mi3 Pattern Lock Removing Solution

Xiaomi Mi3 Factory Restore Setting

The Hard Reset | Master Reset operation is very useful when you are facing one of the following software problems:
  • After installing bad or unsupported application into your mobile phone, Which causes your phone to be frozen.
  • Your mobile phone doesn’t respond to any order after booting because of any software errors.
  •  Forgotten pattern lock in Xiaomi Mi3 Android mobile phones.
  • Forgotten user code.
  • Forgotten phone code.
  •  Before or after installing a new firmware update into your device.
  • Before selling the device, To Wipe all your saved personal data.

Xiaomi Mi3 Hard Reset | Factory Reset Steps:
– Turn your device off.
– Take out its battery, SIM-card and memory card too.
– Wait for 10 seconds, Then put the battery back into your phone, But do not turn it on.
– Press and hold the Volume Up key + Power key.
– Choose General Setting then select Backup and Reset.
– There are many options in this menu, But you need the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.
– Use the Power key to confirm the operation.
– Use the Volume Down key again to select “Yes — delete all user data”
– Use the Power key to confirm.
– Now the phone will reboot, Wait for it to be fully on.
Notice: The Hard Reset / Factory Reset operation will delete anything that are saved in your phone’s internal memory, So make a backup of your data in case you can access them.

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