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Friday, 4 August 2017

How to use Smart SMD Component Tester -SMD स्मार्ट Tweezer कैसे उसे करते है

How to use Smart SMD Component Tester - SMD स्मार्ट  Tweezer कैसे उसे करते है 

This SMD Tester is suitable for testing Surface Mount Device (SMD) components and it is a convenient one hand operation tester. To turn on the tester just press and hold the Function button for one second and you can start to perform the test. If you would like to turn it off, press and hold the Function button again for few seconds and it will be turned off. Check out the photos below that have the explanation of this tester:

Advantages of the Smart SMD Tester:
1)    Compact/Light/ Handy design
2)    Easy to use- Just turn on the tester and you can check on the components with the autoscan component function. If you want a more specific test you can manually select on the right range to test on the components.
3)   Big LCD screen for easy viewing
4)    Cheap price (about USD30 +) including shipping-as compare to other SMD Testers in the market.

Disadvantages of the Smart SMD Tester:
1)   The tip of the probes is not as sharp as the one by Smart Tweezer thus sometimes while checking on the components, it can be slipped.
2)   It does not have a manual to guide you how to use this tester. You may have to figure it out on your own
3)   It can only test Resistors, Capacitors and Diodes. In other words the testing function is limited
4) Just like any other tester, it can’t be use to test onboard. The components need to be soldered out for accuracy testing.

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