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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Samsung Grand Neo I9060 Display Light Solution Ways Jumper

Samsung Grand Neo I9060 Display Light Solution Ways Jumper

Whenever someone encounters any kind of display problem in Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo I9060 phone they think that it is due to the fault in their screen, however the fact is, sometimes the problem is in the hardware of the phone not in the screen panel.
Lines on display
Low light on screen.
No display at all.
Sometimes display works sometimes it doesn’t.
Reasons of Problems:
Faulty connector
LCD Screen might be damaged.
Phone might have encountered any kind of physical damage.
Water damage can also be the cause of this problem.
Dry soldering of display connector.

Solution : 

Display Light Solution.

  1. Check Lcd And Lcd Connector if Ok Then.
  2. Check Display Light Circuit.
  3. Check 20V LED Out Volt If Not Ok.
  4. Change U600 Light IC With Other One.
  5. If 20V Are Ok Then Check LCD or LCD Connector
  6. Clean LCD Connector With (CTC) Liquid Then Check LCD Light Work Properly
  7. Finally Change LCD After All Component Checked.
All GT-i9060i (Samsung Galaxy Neo Plus)Display Light Ways Jumper Solution Show You In Below Diagram.Check Below Diagram For All About Light Circuit Of Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus (GT-i9060i),Thankyou For Visiting Here For More Further Information Please Contact Us or Leave Comment Here.

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