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Monday, 11 September 2017

Xiaomi Mi 4 Display Light Not Working Solution Jumper Problem Ways Smartphone Repairing

Xiaomi Mi 4 Display Light Not Working Solution Jumper Problem Ways Smartphone Repairing

Xiaomi Mi 4 Display Light Solution LCD Jumper Problem Ways

If lcd light is not working in Xiaomi Mi 4, then we will not be able to watch any text on display.light may be low or may be blank.

Xiaomi Mi 4 LCD Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem The ways can be solved In a few steps as stated in this post. 

Problem - 

Display light is not working due to  -  

Water Damage Mobile 

Over Voltage , Heating Problem 

Solution - 

Step 1- Open mobile back cover and dissemble mobile PCB 

Step 2- First Wash Mobile PCB by using Acetone ( Thinner ) 

Step 3- Reconnect display connector than check again.

Step 4 -  Check Display connector , do cold testing on display connector pin no 8 ( Led + Supply line) & Pin no. 2&4 ( FB Supply Line )

Step 5 - If cold testing reading is not found than trace supply line (VLed+ , FB) 

Step 6 - Light section Components - 

1.Light IC
2.Boost Coil

Trace supply line from display connector led + & FB supply than found dispay light section 

Step 6  First Check this all components show in below picture 

Step 7 

Change Light IC 

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