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Sunday, 1 October 2017

How to Use LOCA Glue to Replace LCD Screen Glass

How to Use LOCA Glue to Replace LCD Screen Glass

How to Use LOCA Glue to Replace LCD Screen Glass – LOCA or Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive is kind of special glue or sealant used to bond display / LCD Screen and touch screen panels. It is also called UV Glue. Most technicians prefer to use LOCA Glue or UV Glue over other glue or sealants because it improves contrast by many times. It also prevents loss of light from the display and hence increases the life of the battery.

What are the Advantages of LOCA Glue over other adhesives?

Main advantages of LOCA over other adhesives are:
  1. Rework ability – If required, LOCA Glue can be removed for rework / repairing
  2. It offers excellent adhesion to even non-even surface
  3. Offers excellent optical properties
  4. It is very durability

How to Use LOCA Glue to Replace LCD Display Screen Glass of Mobile Phone / Smartphone

In order to replace a faulty, broken or damaged glass / touch panel (PDA) of LCD Screen of a mobile phone or smartphone, you will need following tools and equipment:
  1. Heating Gun / Hot Air Gun or HOT Plate or LCD Separator Machine
  2. Goof Off / or Hot Blade (A Soldering Iron with a Wide Flat Tip)
  3. Putty Knife
  4. Infrared Thermometer
  5. UV Lamp
  6. Illuminated Magnifier / Magnifying lamp
  7. LOCA Glue in a Syringe
  8. New Screen / Glass for Replacement
  9. Metal Spudger
  10. X-acto Knife

How to Separate Glass from LCD Display

Separating the glass from the LCD should be done very carefully to avoid any unwanted damage. Special care must be undertaken if the glass is cracked. Never try to take off the glass without the right tools and equipment. It can damage the LCD which can be very costly to replace.

The glass and LCD are strongly bonded together with LOCA glue. The glue must be heated to loosen the bond. It can be done using a Hot Air Gun / Heat Gun. Technicians with some practice can easily do it. However, in most authorized service centers and professional service centers, they use LCD separator machine. By using either the hot air gun or the LCD separator machine, the idea is provide even heat to the LCD so that the bond of the LOCA glue can be loosened. In both cases, a temperature of 200-300 Degree F can be provided.
PS: Most professional technicians repairing iPhone and High-End Samsung Smartphone use LCD Separator machine.
Gradually and evenly heat the front side of the phone. Use the Infrared Thermometer to check the temperature before trying to remove the glass. Make sure there is neither too much heat nor too little heat. Too much heat will burn the LCD screen while too little heat might crack it.
Start removing the glass from the top of the screen where speaker is located. Use the metal spudger to carefully separate the glass from the LCD screen. Move the spudger along the top edge and make enough space for the putty knife to slip in.
Reheat the surface and using the putty knife, carefully pry the glass away. When the glass is removed, use the Goof Off  or Hot Blade to remove existing melted LOCA glue and clean the LCD screen using lint-free wipes. Some service centers and technicians also use automated LOCA removing machine.
IMPORTANT: Some phones have “HOME” and “BACK” sensors attached to one end of the glass.  Carefully remove the connectors using the X-acto Knife.

How to Apply LOCA Glue

LOCA glue is available in the form of liquid. It is not as thick as other adhesives. Apply just enough LOCA glue on to the screen in a “X” pattern with a “-” in the middle of “X”. Make sure not to apply too much or too little glue and see that there is no air bubble.
The adhesive will gradually spread across the screen and to the edges on its own without you having to apply any pressure. If there is any bubble, apply gentle pressure on the LCD and guide the bubble to the edge.

How to Cure or Dry LOCA Glue?

LOCA Glue do not cure or dry on its own. You have to dry it using UV light. You must use a branded UV light that is about 30 to 40 Watts. You can also use a UV nail dryer. But do not use Flashlight UV lights.
Curing or Drying time of LOCA Glue is generally 1 to 2 minutes. It also depends on the Wattage of the UV light source and the distance between the UV light source and the LCD Screen or Glass.

I hope now you know how to use LOCA glue to repair a broken LCD Screen / Glass of a mobile phone / smartphone.

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