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Saturday, 11 November 2017

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rear Camera Solution with jumper PICTURE

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rear Camera Solution with jumper PICTURE


  • Blurred picture.
  • Camera failed.
  • Phone hangs when camera is accessed.
  • Pictures are not saving.

Mobile Camera Fault - 

·         कैमरा फोटो अल्बम नहीं खींचता
"serif"; mso-bidi-language: HI;"> है कैमरा ON नहीं होता है कैमरा ON करने पर Stand By लिखा  रहा है
·         कैमरा पुरा कार्य नही 
"serif"; mso-bidi-language: HI;">कर रहा है Camera Error लिखा  रहा है
·         कैमरा फोटो साफ नही खींच रहा है कैमरा फोटो धुंधले से खींच रहा है
·         कैमरे से खींचे फोटो Save नहीं हो रहे है कैमरा फोटो खींचते   समय Hang हो रहा है
"sans-serif";"> कैमरा मोबाइल फोन की अदर खराबियाँ


  • For Blurred Display: Clean Camera glass from inside and outside.
  • For Camera Failed: Reset your phone.
  • For Hanging problem: Power OFF your phone, remove and reinsert battery then check.
  • Uninstall any camera app that you have installed recently (after which any of the camera problems are occurring).
  • Software update (Should always be considered as the last option)


         मोबाइल फोन में कैमरे 
#4a4040; font-family: "mangal" , "serif"; mso-bidi-language: HI;">की Setting को Check करे 
·         मोबाइल की सेटिंग में एप्प मेनेजर में कैमरा एप्प को फ़ोर्स स्टॉप करे और डाटा क्लीन करे l
·         मोबाइल फोन को स्क्रूड्राइवर से खोले  
"serif"; mso-bidi-language: HI;">स्क्रू को सावधानी से सुरक्षित रखे  मोबाइल से हटाये गये अन्य सभी Parts को 
HI;">सावधानी से रखे 
·         मोबाइल फ़ोन के पेनल पर लगे कैमरे के गिलास को साफ करेंगे 

  • Unplug and re-plug camera strip.
  • Check with any other working camera.
  • Re-solder Rear camera on-board connector.
  • Gently heat all the components of camera IC.
  • Check connection between 1st pin of on-board connector and the above mentioned capacitor.
  • If everything else fails then gently heat Camera IC and Check.
  • If the Camera IC still fails then re-ball or replace it.

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