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Saturday, 11 November 2017

How To Reset Mobiles, Reset Codes Nokia, Samsung, LG, Micromax

How To Reset Keypad Mobiles, Reset Codes Nokia, Samsung, LG, Micromax

when we face critical problems when our mobile handsets are switched off during talking or become slow down suddenly. Then we can use the reset feature to return in original modes.
If reset feature is used, then entire phone setting will be lost. So at first, we have to take backup of all data such as software, images, themes, videos, Mp3 and more before starting it.

For Nokia mobiles, two types of reset code is available: 

How To Reset Mobiles, Reset Codes

1. Soft Reset – Dial *#7380#  from Nokia handset.

A soft reset deletes all existing tasks and errors of internal memory. It will bring mobile in original mode. It needs confirmation of security code. Write factory default 12345 to confirm.

2. Hard  Reset

After using soft reset operation  in Nokia handset, if the same error is available yet. So Hard Reset is the second option.

How to access Hard Reset

  • Type this code in Nokia mobile in stand by mode- *#7370# and Press Yes in the confirmation box. It will again need confirmation. Write factory default security code 12345.
We should be taken all backup of internal phone memory before performing this actions.
Alternate shortcut code of hard reset –
  • Dislodge the battery of your mobile for the time period of 30 minutes. Insert again.
  • Hit these 3 keys on the mobile keypad successively – on/off+*+3.
  • Start your mobile by switching on.
  • But, some Nokia model handset is used to perform reset process through another mode.
  • Some more codes for Reset and information of your Nokia Mobile:
To Find EMEI*#06#
Soft Reset*#7780#
Hard Reset*#7370#
Make Display Crystal Clear*#67705646#
Find the version of the Software installed*#0000#
Situation of SIM Lock*#746025625#
Find Whether your SIM is restricted#pw+1234567890+1#
Details of the Bluetooth Gadget you have connected*#2820#
Activate EFR to improve the overall performance*#3370#
Activate HRC*#4720#
Deactivate HRC*#4720*

Follow the steps to find more details of your Nokia Mobile:
Press *#92702689#
  • If you need to know Serial Number of your mobile press 1.
  • To find Manufacturing time detail press 2.
  • If you want to know the buying date press 3.
  • If you want information of last repairing press 4.
  • If you are curious about from when is in the start mode press 5.

For Nokia 5800 model

If we press this shortcut (Green key + Red key+ Camera key+ on / off-key) all at once
Properly, the mobile phone will restart automatically.

Nokia N 97 Reset code

Press Power key + Space key + Delete Key (left arrow logo) + caps / shift button (up arrow logo) at same time.

Nokia N8

At first, turn off mobile handset. Press and hold these keys at the same time.
Volume down Key + Camera Key + Menu Key + Press Power button until the phone vibrates.

Reset Codes of All Samsung Mobile Handsets

  • If we have forgotten Samsung mobile code, then don’t be worried. A useful reset code can be used to recover quickly.
  • At first, turn off mobile handset.
  • Now we have to remove the SIM from handset.
  • Switch on the mobile handset without SIM.
  • Insert the code – *2767*637#  (it is used to reset Mobile tracker code)
*2767*3855# – (it is used to reset all type of mobile code).
We can attempt to apply these codes in case of downloading java files, or media (video, MP3, Image) is not working properly.

  • *2767*JAVA# –  java Reset
  • *2767*MEDIA# – Reset Media (it will remove MP3 and pictures from internal memory)
  • *2767*WAP# – WAP Reset ( It will reset handset Internet setting)
  • *2767*CUST# – Reset Custom EEPROM ( resetting Internal Memory)
  • *2767*FULL# – Reset Full EEPROM ( Full format of internal memory)

 LG Handset Reset Code

For performing resetting factory operation in maximum LG handset,
dial this code –  2945#*#
Dial #PWE668 ( PWE = Power button of THE handset)

Android Phone Reset Codes

For an Android phone factory data reset

1. Press this code– *#*#7780#*#*

When we insert it, the next screen will ask to click on Reset phone option.
if we want to withdraw from this operation then click on cancel button.
This code is used to perform android factory reset completely. It will delete entire apps and phone settings such as –
  • Google account setting
  • Settings of software and phone
  • All downloaded apps

2. Press *2767*3855#

It is used to perform factory format and reinstall the phone firmware again. Now it will delete completely internal phone memory settings and data.
Once we insert this code, there is no option to avoid from format factory operations. So try to remove phone battery quickly to stop it.

Micromax Mobile Reset factory Code 

for all Micromax handset, press this code  – *#8929#
Micromax X313 handset – *#73738#
A useful tip to perform Hard Reset to Micromax mobile 

Micromax X660 Handset Reset process – 

  • At first format your phone memory and then go to factory reset option inside the phone.
  • Type 0000 or 1234 then your phone will be formatted instantly.
  • Make ensuring that before performing actions of the phone format note your entire phone contact numbers or moved it in another SIM card.

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