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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button Solution - सैमसंग मोबाइल होम बटन हार्डवेयर सलूशन जम्पर पिक्चर के साथ

Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button Solution - सैमसंग मोबाइल होम बटन हार्डवेयर सलूशन जम्पर पिक्चर के साथ 


  • Home button not working.
  • Delay in response when button is pressed.
  • Home button becomes stiff and is not pressed easily.
  • Home button needs to be pressed very hard in order to get it working.

Reasons of Problems

  • Dust might be present at the corners of home button due to which it becomes stiff or you need to press it very hard in order to get it working.
  • Might be due to phone lagging problem.
  • Home button strip might have lose contact with on-board connector.
  • Might be due to any kind of physical or water damage.
  • Home button components might be damaged from inside.


Most of the times, simple workaround methods are enough to overcome S4 Home button problems.
For Delay in Response

Turn your phone off and press Home Button multiple times, and then turn your phone ON again and check.

For Stiffness and Hard Press Problem
Press Home button and keep on pressing it, while pressing clean dust and any kind of moisture from its surrounding properly and check.

Tools Required

  • Star Screw Driver.
  • Plastic Separation Tool.
  • Cloth for cleaning purpose.

Hardware Solution

Step 1 - First Check Home  Key Flex Cable Connector. 
पहेले होम की कनेक्टर  ( फ्लेक्स केबल )  करेंगे | 

Step 2 - If Connector is broke or Short than replace with new one 

अगर पॉवर की कनेक्टर ख़राब है या शोर्ट है तो नया कनेक्टर लगा देंगे |


Step 3 - Check Home Key Supply

Step 4-  Do Cold testing on Home Key Connector .
 ( Resistance 500ohms to 1800ohms ) 

होम की कनेक्टर सही होने पर उस पर कोल्ड टेस्टिंग करे | कोल्ड टेस्टिंग करने पर कनेक्टर के पॉजिटिव सप्लाई लाइन पर  ( Resistance 500ohms to 1800ohms )  आना चहिये | 

  • When it comes to hardware, the very first thing that you need to do is to unplug home button strip and check its onboard connector for any loose contacts.

  • Clean both home button strip and its onboard connector, after you do that re-plug and check.
  • In case display strip still has a loose contact with on-board connector than change the entire charging dock strip, (Home button is at the charging dock strip).
  • If the above step fails then you need to change your entire display, and this is mainly because of the fact that Home Button components are inside the display screen, which cannot be repaired manually, as that’s the machine’s work. You don’t have any other option than to change your display screen in order to get your Home button fixed.

Fixing your Samsung Galaxy S4 Home button can also be either least or most expensive work, as sometimes in worst cases you need to change your entire display screen, which is surely going to cost you a fortune. However if you are planning to go with changing your display screen in order to fix your Home Button, then it is highly recommended that you should sell your S4 broken Screen to, as they offer best price for every broken LCD Screen. However they accept broken LCD screens of smart phones in bulk. 

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