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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to make EDL cable to Load EDL Mode For All Xiaomi Model very easy [Tools, Tips & Tutorials]

How to make EDL cable to Load EDL Mode For All Xiaomi Model very easy [Tools, Tips & Tutorials] 

What is EDL Mode  ? 

Redmi mi 4 edl mode

mi 4a edl mode

mi 4x edl mode

mi 3/3s edl mode 

mi Note 4 edl mode       
mi 5 edl mode          
mi 5s edl mode

mi max edl mode

 If your Xiaomi can not turn on or enter the system and Recovery or fastboot, you can not enter EDL mode press the volume buttons, you can try to enter EDL mode with wire flashing, then flashes the phone with the cable normal
1º We need a regular cable.


2º Cut the cable, there are four cables red, white, green and black.

3º Cut the green and black cable. (We burn plastics to prevent cutting the metal cable.

4º Connect the green wire to the black wire, that´s a new cable. 

5º Connect USB cable to the computer, mobile off and connect McroUSB (O Type-C) on the other side, the phone will not turn on (but if the redmi series, LED shine and off). Disconnect the cable,  connect to the computer with a standard USB, run the Miflash tool, get a COM, if you can enter EDL mode, we can flash. 

6º NOTE: The flashing cable can only make mobile Xiaomi entering EDL mode. You can not flash with this cable.
A normal cable is required for flashing. If you have no other cables, wire separates the black and green, you
can change it in a normal cable.

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