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Saturday, 6 January 2018

How to Enter Samsung odin Mode Step by Step with picture

Entering Odin mode

The Samsung Galaxy device (phone, tablet) is able to enter Odin mode by pressing some keys during device boot (usually Vol-Down + Home + Power). When the device is on Odin mode, application like Odin (or Heimdall) could be used to send data to the flash storage inside the device through USB cable. Check your device documentation  how to exactly enter Odin mode.

Samsung odin Mode :

सैमसंग को odin टूल से कनेक्ट करने के मोबाइल को odin मोड पर लाया जाता है

To connect odin flash tool phone should be Entering in odin Mode, otherwise odin flash tool is not working.

Samsung Galaxy devices (with hardware Home button)

Odin mode could be entered by pressing some keys during startup sequence. Samsung Galaxy phones (most of them) has the same key combination (ie: Volume Down + Home + Power ON), but you have to read info for every phone to make sure.
Step 1

सब से पहले मोबाइल को स्विच ऑफ करेंगे
First switch off the mobile phone


Step 2

मोबाइल फ़ोन की वॉल्यूम बटन और पॉवर बटन  और होम बटन को एक साथ दबायेंगे जब तक यह स्क्रीन ना आ जाये |

Press Volume down key + Power Key + Home Key for 3 to 5 Sec till next screen is not appear



Step 3

वॉल्यूम उप बटन से continue  पर प्रेस करेंगे
To continue enter in odin mode press volume up key one time


Step 4
मोबाइल अब odin मोड पर आ गया है  इस मोड को डाउनलोड मोड भी कहते है
Mobile phone odin mode, odin mode also called as download mode.


Note - If you enter Odin mode mistakenly, you may power off the phone by holding Power button for 10 seconds. Do not interrupt Odin mode if some operation (downloading through USB cable from Odin application) was already started or you brick the phone!

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