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Monday, 21 May 2018

How to Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi smartphone

How to Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi decided to lock the bootloader of its devices, There are several reasons why Xiaomi decided to lock the Bootloader on Mi devices. The first and most important thing is to protect user data and improve the user experience by making changes to the Find a Device feature From Mi Cloud.

How to Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi smartphone

An advantage for some, a disadvantage for others, the bootloader prevents you from modifying the phone without permission. Xiaomi is not the only one to lock the bootloader of some of its phones. a company like Motorola or LG lock the bootloader on their devices and then ask users who want to unlock it to go through software or identity verification from the owner.

If you want to install official ROM or custom ROM, install the ROOT or a custom recovery, you must unlock your Xiaomi device, you will learn in this tutorial How to Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi smartphone.
We can not be responsible for damage to your device due Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi smartphone.
1-What you nedd:
A smartphone or tablet Xiaomi
USB cable: USB-C / Micro-USB
A computer running Windows 7/8/10
An account Mi

2-Associate a Mi account with your device
1-Go to: Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options
2-Tab on “Mi Unlock Status“.

3-Confirm by Tapping “Add account and device“.

3-Request an authorization to unlock the bootloader
1-Go to .
2-Click on “Unlock Now“.

3-Change the language

4-Log into your Mi account.

5-Press Unlock Now again.

6-Fill in the boxes below: your name, your number, and write that (you have problems that prevent you from automatically installing the new update). or simply write (I want to flash a global  ROM)
Enter the extras codes on the image.
7-Click on “Apply now” to submit your request.

8-Enter the code received by SMS in the box, then press Next.

9- Your request has been registered.

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4-Unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi
1-Once your request is accepted, download the miflash_unlock software by clicking on “Download Mi Unlock” and install it on your computer.

2-Launch “miflash_unlock.exe” file as administrator and click on “I Agree“.

3-Log into the “Mi account” that you have associated and wait for the permission check.

4-Connect your mobile to your PC in Fastboot mode.
To restart a Xiaomi device in Fastboot mode, turn it off completely and then press “Volume Down button + Power button ” for about 7-9 seconds.

5-Once your phone is correctly recognized by Mi Unlock, click on “Unlock” to unlock its Bootloader.

6- Wait for a minute, This process will take 1-3 Minutes to complete Unlocking of your Xiaomi device.

7- Your Xiaomi phone bootloader is now UNLOCKED

Now you’re able to Root your Xiaomi device, Flash custom or Fastboot ROMS, Install Custom Recovery

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