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Monday, 16 July 2018

META MODE In Micromax devices. How to get out of Meta Mode?

META MODE In Micromax devices.

 How to get out of Meta Mode?

The reason you are here might be that you have possibly reached what is called "Meta Mode" in your Micromax device and are not able to get out of it. Chances are also high that your phone is permanently locked due to too many pattern attempts. Here you will get to know how you can get out of both of them without having to format or hard reset your phone.

Here are few things to know about the Meta Mode.

Q-1. How do we get into Meta Mode?

Ans. By pressing and holding the volume down button while switching on the device.

Q-2. How can I get out of the Meta Mode?

Ans. The easiest and seemingly most obvious way for an amateur is to remove the battery, put it back and switch on the phone. However there is more clever way which I am going to tell at the bottom of this blog.

Q-3. Is the Meta Mode useful in any way?

Ans. Meta Mode is an extremely useful thing. In fact it can be your only rescuer in a situation where:
  • Your phone is locked due to too many pattern attempts
  • Data connection is turned off
  • Wi-Fi is off
  • USB debugging in the Developer option is off

In such a situation it becomes very difficult to unlock your phone without formatting because there is no internet connection to unlock by signing in.

Now, one way that remains is to unlock your phone using ADB or Android Debug Bridge. But the primary requirement for this method to work is that the USB debugging mode should be turned on.
Here comes the major role of Meta Mode.

Just put your phone into Meta Mode (by switching on the phone while holding the volume down button) and it will act as if the USB debugging mode of the phone is turned on.

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