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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

DigiCom FRP Tool v1.1

DigiCom FRP Tool v1.

1. ADB
Read info of any Android device in ADB
Read DiskStats with one click

2. FRP
One click FRP bypass in ADB mode (Should work on every device with ADB enabled)
Added 3 methods for removing FRP

3. Samsung
Samsung Info (Detailed information of any Samsung device)
Samsung FRP bypass in ADB mode
Open Settings in FRP mode with one click
Open Galaxy Store in FRP state with one click

4. Rebooter
From ADB:
Simple Reboot
To Fastboot
To Download mode (Samsung)
To Recovery
From Fastboot:
To Normal
To Fastboot again

5. Fastboot
FRP Reset in Fastboot mode
2 Methods:

6. Screen Locks
Reset Pattern (root)
Remove Screenlocks (root)

7. ADB Console
ADB Console with Elegant Flat GUI for manually handling with ADB commands

1. Windows PC

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